CFT Group is proud to announce
its new commercial partnership
with IPI, a COESIA company!

IPI is part of the COESIA Group, and has been delivering solutions for the aseptic packaging of liquid products in multilayer structure – better known as “brick” – for over 35 years.
A strong know-how combined with shared values and a particular focus on innovation, has led CFT Group and IPI to join their forces.
This new collaboration is aiming at completing our Food & Liquid Food turnkey plants with highly performant filling machines as well as new packages, on a market being always more demanding.

On the right: Amedeo SCAPIN – C.E.O. IPI
On the left: Alessandro MERUSI – C.E.O. CFT GROUP

In March, CFT Group will welcome IPI’s first machine in our HQ showroom.

Discover IPI’s FX120: Flexspeed aseptic machine, designed to form and fill special shapes and sizes, whilst enabling an easy and fast changeover of packaging sizes and shapes with our 1D and 3D conversion system.
FX120 is very precise in the brick formation and in the package handling and has an adjustable speed to existing downstream and processing equipments, and is integrated with an aseptic roll-fed packaging.
Aseptic carton packages are ideal for liquid foods and beverages such as white, flavoured and enriched milk, juice, wine as well as tomato sauces, dairy alternatives, coconut water, feta cheese and other.

  • Packaging size range from 100 to 1000 ml. Up to 12,000 pph for portion sizes (100 – 375 ml)
  • Up to 10,000 pph for family sizes (500 – 1000 ml)