Chopping Pumps

As a consequence of the substantial change in the tomato harvesting system, also the processing systems have change. Therefore, to better bear the stress deriving from mechanical harvesting and transport, the features of today’s tomato varieties tend to privilege the compactness and the hardness of the surface; whereas on the one hand this has solved the problem of fruit integrity, on the other hand it has created some inconveniences which can jeopardize the processing quality and the plant performance. The chopping pump Model BT60, inserted both in the Cold-Break and the Hot-Break technological cycles, eliminates these risks, thus guaranteeing the achievement of the technological process and the optimization of plants’ use at the same time.


  • Perfect and uniform breakage of the fruit to be subsequently heated.
  • Optimization of the heating process thanks to the fine and even size of the product: because of the reduced size of the chopped product, it is possible to obtain an homogeneous, complete and deep heating of all the present pieces; in particular, as far as the Hot-break process is concerned, compared to former generation choppers, we can attain extremely low values in syneresis by means of break temperatures lower by almost 4°C, with consequent energy saving.
  • Optimization of the refining process thanks to the homogeneous product heating, even on particularly hard parts which can be evenly heated thanks to their reduced size; final result is a higher quantity of juice and a lower quantity of waste.
  • Reduced size of the pump allows an easy fitting, also in existing lines.
  • High running reliability, which guarantees long non-stop working cycles.


  • Working capacity: 60 t/h
  • Suction and delivery points: diameter 133 mm
  • Products: Tomatoes and fruits without stones