Depalletisers of full and empty containers for: bottles (glass and PET), cans in metal and bottles in HDPE / PET
Magnetic Palletisers / Depalletisers for full containers: tin cans and containers in glass with magnetizable cap
Palletisers for bundles and cartons. Robot system of palletisation and depalletisation.

Smipal APS Palletising Systems…

easily integrate into existing packaging lines or into new plants and can be set
in motion immediately, since each single module composing the palletiser, conceived as an independent unit,
is connected through a network to the central body. Thanks to this designing feature, each module is assembled,
pre-cabled and tested at SMI production plant, thus minimizing assembly and start up operations at the customer’s site.
For example, the central body can be easily disassembled, conveyed or stored in a small room, and later re-assembled
and set in motion again in less than 5 hours. The mechanical simplicity, the employment of robot-based components
and the structural optimization allow a remarkable reduction of the maintenance costs and of the energy consumption,
as well as the extension of the machine life cycle.