SMI Group’s ECOBLOC® Plus is a modular system which combines, in a single machine, the functions of stretch blow moulding, filling/capping and labelling.

The integration between a rotary blow moulder, an electronic filler/capping machine and an “adhesleeve” labeller allows for a significant reduction in the bulk of the system, thanks to the transfer of the bottles from one area to another directly, by synchronising the various modules.

Further downstream the shrink-wrappers, film-only, with pad or tray, tray-formers without film, cardboard sleeve multi-packers, wrap-around casepackers and combines packers followed by the palletiser system allows for the end of line machines to be significantly compacted.

Smiform’s ECOBLOC® Plus systems are suited for bottling still and sparkling soft drinks as well as oil and milk, in containers from 0.2 to 3 litres, whose traceability in the phases of production, distribution and consumption is guaranteed by a newly-designed laser marking system.
The machine integration, the reduction in moving parts, the system’s centralised automation and the use of materials which are lighter than conventional materials allow for production efficiency to be improved; purchasing, running and maintenance costs to be contained; and substantial savings to be made on packaging and energy consumption.
Smiform’s ECOBLOC® systems stand out for their compactness and the revolutionary “baseless filler” which ensures high levels of hygiene, ease of cleaning and maintenance, thereby limiting the possibilities of contaminating the containers.

For a download of the full article from the Food & Beverage Reporter, April 2012 click here.