ETS Enzymes Thermal Shocker is a patented enzymatic inactivation system specifically studied to handle fruit and vegetable purees in order to preserve their organoleptic characteristics and to guarantee a high consistency of the final product.
The product is sent to the first heating section of the enzymatic deactivator in order to obtain the pectin solubilisation, through a slow temperature increase. This is necessary when a higher thickness is requested. In the second heating section, the temperature increase is almost sudden, as there is the necessity to thermally inhibit the enzyme action. Medium permanence time, during these two phases, is reduced to 180 seconds.


  • • Flexible choice time/temperature.
  • • High pectin solubilisation.
  • • High puree viscosity.
  • • Rapid enzyme deactivation.
  • • No burning, no black specks


  • • Working capacity from 3 t/h up to 20 t/h
  • • Products
  • o Mediterranean fruit
  • o Tropical fruit
  • o Vegetables