More than twenty years after the first patented refiner for fruit and tomato “Butterfly” and after hundreds of successful installations all over the world, we, at Rossi & Catelli have accepted the challenge of a global market which demands more versatility, more reliability and higher performances: our reply is “Giubileo” the newly designed refining unit which distinguishes itself among all existing units on the market, both from the technological and manufacture point of view. Designed in every detail to grant higher performances and maximum functionality, Giubileo represents all Rossi & Catelli’s know-how and, thanks to its versatility, allows processing a wide range of products – whole or de-stoned fruit and various kinds of vegetables – to obtain finished products capable of meeting the strictest quality parameters.


  • Elimination of peeling and cutting lines when processing fruit without stones, thus allowing significant money saving at the time of the line purchasing, as well as a remarkable reduction in waste and product oxidation percentage.
  • Constant and high output: when processing apples, for instance, Giubileo can attain 96% of finished product with just 4% only of waste, using a 0.8 mm screen.
  • Integrity of seeds and stems, thus avoiding taste alteration during the subsequent heating and the presence of unpleasant black specks in final puree.
  • Results in a top quality puree without pigmentation even when using red peel fruit.
  • Drastic reduction in puree of pesticides usually existing on fruit and vegetables peels, preventing them to enter the puree.
  • Refining of a wider range of product finding every time the ideal combination in relation to the type of screen, speed and paddle angle of attack.
  • Introduction of an additional adjustment parameter – paddle inclination – completely independent of centrifugal force which allows fine adjustments of the machine according to the product processed and of characteristics of finished product wanted.


  • Working capacity: up to 20 t/h of  whole fruits at ambient temperature
  • Products:
  • –         Mediterranean fruits
  • –         Tropical fruits