SACS – The economic Compact Line which respects the Environment.

  • Up to a 50% reduction in secondary packaging material.
  • Up to a 20% reduction in the purchase, running and maintenance.
  • Up to a 90% reduction in water used for cleaning the plant.
  • Up to a 15% reduction in energy consumption
  • Up to a 15% reduction in energy consumption.

Located in Mojo de’ Calvi (Orobic Alps), 50 km north of Bergamo, Italy, amid rocky peaks, lush forests and clean air, is a plant at the cutting-edge of technology established from a collaboration between SMI and “Stella Alpina” mineral water spring. Both companies’ “DNA” is made up of a strong commitment to innovation and respect for the environmentSMI achieved this objective by designing two new “ultra-light” PET containers, one for 0.5L and the other for 1.5L, obtained by stretch-blow moulding preforms of 11g and 23g respectively, both with Alaska267 thread (previously, Stella Alpina used 15-16g preforms for 0.5L bottles and 30-31g preforms for 1.5L bottles).

The particularly attractive design of the bottle was designed to allow for ergonomic handling of the container, improving its intrinsic properties in terms of solidity and manageability, encouraging its use even outside the house. The SACS project includes the use of a new generation P.E. labeller based upon “Adhesleeve” technology which allows for pre-glued labels to be applied without having to use hot glue.

The integrated system of stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping featured by Smiform ECOBLOC® series combines the functions of a rotary stretch-blow moulder, of an electronic rotary filler and of a rotary capper.

Main Benefits

  • compact modular frame, with a wide choice of customization options;
  • latest technology innovations adopted in the machine design;
  • perfect synchronization between the “dry” environment of the stretch-blow moulding module and the “wet” environment of the filling module;
  • minimum number of transfer star wheels, as the stretch-blow moulding module and the filling/capping module stand ”back to back”, with no need for connecting conveyors;
  • operating and maintenance costs dramatically cut;
  • outstanding price/quality ratio.

Economic Benefits

Smiform ECOBLOC® series models are the ideal solution for manufacturing, filling and capping PET, PEN and PP containers of many different sizes and shapes, from the simplest to the most complex and innovative. Combining stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping in one single machine offers major economic benefits.

  • no need for a rinser, accumulation conveyors and conveyors between the blower and the filler;
  • virtual elimination of container contamination risks;
  • considerable reduction of line inefficiency causes;
  • dramatic cutback of operating and maintenance costs.


All models are equipped with an innovative bottle transfer system, minimizing the risks of product contamination and increasing the machine’s overall performance; Smiform ECOBLOC® integrated systems can be employed in the bottling lines of the following products:

  • FLAT WATER and MILK (VMAG Models)
  • EDIBLE OIL (VMAS Models)
  • CARB WATER and CSDs (LG-VMAG Models)