CFT Packaging High-Level Depalletisers. Machines for medium/high power, fully automatic, studied for the depalletisation of full or empty containers in glass or metal. Available in a version with layer conveyor by thrust or magnetic header


The machine consists of the following main sections:

  • Load-bearing structure in painted steel, appropriately calculated
  • Pallet squaring borders with pneumatic operation
  • Motor-driven elevator with 4 chains and lateral sheet metal boxing
  • Layer thrust with motor-driven bar or magnetic head
  • Interlayer sheet pincers for use during layer transfer from the pallet to the plenum chamber for discharge to the network
  • Plenum chamber for discharge to network
  • Multiple row aligner with Table-top chains running at different speed, complete with pneumatic vent
  • Full pallet conveyor system
  • Exit conveyor for empty pallets
  • Interleaf magazine
  • Railing with ladder
  • Perimetral guards around machine
  • Power system and panel.
  • Usable containers: full or empty cans, bottles and jars