The SR series of Rotary Stretch Blow-Molders ensures high performances in the stretch blow-molding of PET, PEN and PP bottles, mainly used in the “food & beverage” sector. Thanks to high-tech components, minimized maintenance and operational costs and excellent quality/price ratio, the SR series is the ideal solution for the production of plastic containers of different capacities, featuring various shapes, from the most simple to the most sophisticated ones.Thanks to their flexibility, Smiform rotary stretchblow molders are the ideal solution to produce a wide array of containers with one machine model.

  • Four high-performance models, featuring 4 to 10 cavities for the production of bottles of up to 3 litres at the max output speed of 2000 bph/cavity
  • Two models with 15 and 20 cavities respectively, max output per cavity 1800 bph/cavity
  • Two high capacity models featuring 4 to 6 cavities for the production of bottles of up to 10 litres at the max output speed of 1200 bph/cavity

Key Features

  • The SR series of rotary stretch blow-moulders ensures high performances in the stretch blow-moulding of PET, PEN and PP bottles.
  • SMI SR Series Rotary Stretch Blow Moulders are available from 4…20 cavities and with maximum output up to 36,000 bottles per hour.
  • Two “High Capacity” models with 4 or 6 cavities are specifically designed for the production of containers from 4…10 litres with a maximum output of 1,200 bph/cavity, depending on machine type and container.

Preforms Unscrambler

Spacer star wheels and grippers rotary groups

  • spacer star wheels, situated both at the in-feed and at the outlet of the preforms heating module, easy to replace in case of changeover positively actuated valve gear control of the grippers rotary groups, by means of a double cam

Preforms heater module

  • Vertically positioned infrared lamps, grouped in various sections
  • Liquid-fed cooling system, in order to cool the protection ring preventing the preforms thread deformation during the heating process
  • Air-fed cooling system, in order to keep the heating module temperature constant and low enough

Stretch-blowing wheel

  • air recovery system supplied as optional equipment

Air Recover system

  • two exhaust valves for each stretch-blowing station: the first one introduces the air into the air recovery system tank, the second one discharges the air that cannot be recycled
  • Considerable reduction of the energy costs and 40% saving in the compressed air consumption; thanks to the recovery system, a part of the air in the blowing circuit (40 bar) is recovered and recycled for the pre-blowing circuit (4-16 bar) and for the machine service air. The pressure of the pre-blowing circuit is controlled by an electronic adjusting device, whereas the service air circuit is controlled by manual reducers. If the pre-blowing circuit or the service air circuit do not need the recycled air, it is possible to use it for the low-pressure circuit of other external systems.

Use of eco-compatible, environment-friendly technology

Fiber optics communication ring

Large vertically-sliding doors provide easy access to the machine components and to the moving organs from two sides. Low changeover times allow to re-start production immediately