Olimpic MT is designed for processing food products containing solid ingredients in pieces or particulates, destined to subsequent aseptic packaging. Product is subject to a thermal cycle by means of single pipe indirect heat exchangers, made of two pipes with variable profiles having decreasing diameters, placed one inside the other. Product flows inside the internal pipe, while heating and cooling fluids circulate in counter-current to the product, inside the external anular space. This process allows preserving the product at room temperature over long periods of time, while the whole plant is fully automated. This plant is normally included in a complete aseptic production line, providing for the following processing phases:

  • Preparation (mixer).
  • Product pre-heating.
  • Product sterilisation by means of the Olimpic MT unit.
  • Intermediate aseptic product storage in horizontal or vertical tanks according to product type (optional).
  • Sterile bag filling by means of an aseptic filler.


  • Use of piston pumps with valves whose aperture and closure are electronically controlled: optimal preservation of product characteristics containing pieces (dimensions and shape, structure and consistency).
  • High production capacity, reduced amortization times.
  • Product pressure is always higher than the working fluids pressure: aseptic conditions are guaranteed during every single cycle phase.
  • Self-standing C.I.P. system: plant washing fully independent from external, uncontrolled factors, descaling and refining on water side (efficient thermal exchange).
  • Windows software supervision: fully accessible and re-configurable.


  • Working capacity: up to 14000 kg/h
  • Products
    • diced tomato mixed with juice
    • Diced fruit mixed with juice
    • Soups containing vegetables and other ingredients in pieces or particulates
    • Baby food containing vegetables and other ingredients in pieces or particulates
    • Jams and marmalades