The latest innovation from CFT is the Vesuvio Millenium peeler that, with a series of very important technical novelties, enables to get a high quality end product and above all to deal with very difficult-to-peel tomato successfully. Its top flexibility enables to process from a few tens of tons up to 90 -100 t/h of fresh tomato. Its special structure (tomato transportation into punched baskets) enables to process the product in a very gentle way, in favour of the end quality. Peeling may occur even in very different operational conditions by using steam only or overheated water and steam. The peeling temperature is quite low (no more than 106 – 108 °C) if compared with the known technique, it enables tomato to preserve almost completely its original texture and even to limit energy consumption at the lowest levels in this field.


  • Very high working capacity of up to 100 t/h but with possibility of running at low capacities.
  • Possibility of overseeing holding times and temperatures according to product quality.
  • Reduced heat penetration in the fruit with excellent consistency.
  • Possibility of achieving temperatures up to 130 °C.
  • Very low steam consumption.
  • Very low maintenance costs.
  • Effortless process management and control.


  • Working capacity up to 100 t/h
  • Products: Tomato